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Hi, I'm Chad, a UX and Product designer. I have a decade of UX & Product design, as well as experience with HTML5 / CSS3 / JS & interaction design. Current resume here.

I build B2B, B2C, & internal tools from FAANG to startups, delivering scalable AI experiences that distill AI/ML data discoveries into transformative solutions.

User Experience | User Interface | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

Design Methodology

solving the right issue, the right way

I follow the double diamond method of discovery, defining, developing and delivering aligning with UX Laws. This process is applied to all projects, even if abbreviated. I even use this method with hobbies.

I've found that by following this prescribed design process, it makes it much easier to keep projects in scope, delivered on time, and under budget. Using this methodology helps me turn my biggest weakness of getting lost in the details into a strength.

Recent Works

Major design works over the past few years. For older work examples, contact me

Product design

Instacart & Caper Cloud

Working with the Instacart Caper AI team building a greenfield cloud platform incorporating model package deployment, IoT, remote management of devices, & analytics.

With the number of deployed devices continuing to increase and spanning multiple time zones across the globe, Caper Cloud gives us the ability to ensure a reliable experience for our shoppers and partners alike. Caper Cloud is the nexus where cart telemetry, issue resolution, analytics and IoT device updates occur.

UI | UX Design & User Testing

PC Gaming
Steam & Microsoft collaboration

A deep dive into finding out the best way to present PC Gaming within RDX in collaboration with Steam. This work was done to evaluate the viability of the partnership between Steam and Microsoft towards bringing gamers, console and otherwise, back into the PC market.

Product design

Microsoft AI
Research Canvas

What if you could take petabytes of data and have an AI scan and pull salient details to surface the best path forward for research?

Research Canvas does exactly that. As part of a six person design team with Microsoft AI Architecture & Strategy, I led the visualization aspect of Research Canvas, giving clients from diverse industries such as fintech to medical research, a framework for any chart style, 2D, 3D or even Tensor Flows, to visualize the data and identify underlying patterns.

Project detail available via video conference request.

Product Design

Microsoft AI + ML
Model Training Tool

Sr. Product designer, delivering cutting edge AI experiences that distill AI and Machine Learning data discoveries into transformative, customer based solutions.

With the AI Architecture & Strategy team, I redesigned an internal AI model training tool that is both scalable and modular allowing the team a way forward to quickly develop AI models in a powerful new way.

Product design

Amazon Prime Video
Command Center

UX Product design lead delivering an internal tool called Command Center for the Live Operations team with Prime Video at Amazon.

Command center is a brand new internal tool that allows the Live Operations team to broadcast live sporting events on Amazon Prime. I was brought on to take this from a basic ideation stage to rolling out and shipping this product for Live Operations. The prior process was extremely manual with several bottlenecks and too many disparate sources for data. Command Center aggregates all the data for the event, puts it into a format that is easily understandable, scalable and allows the Live Ops team to grow from handling hundreds of events per year to hundred of thousands events.

Product Design

Digital Fact Tag

This is a new product to complement the existing Retail Demo Experience Platform (RDX), which showcases Windows at retailers worldwide. One of the most requested features of RDX was to know the pricing and specs of a given machine. Both retailers and end customer wanted something to make it easy to know specs, pricing and comparisons to different machines. With a manual process for developing content for 750,000 devices, wasn't feasible - until the development of the Digital Fact Tag.

UI | UX Design


Worked with the amazing AMD team to develop a new campaign on Microsoft Windows 10 RDX platform for the show at CES to show off the incredible Ryzen series processors.

UI | UX Design

Microsoft RDX
Persona Cards

I'm always looking for detailed, realistic personas for projects, and usually the ones I'm working with are lacking in key information. Sometimes, it's just a pic and a title.

I built these ones out as a way to gain empathetic insight into how a real person might interact with the product with these insights: name, image, age, location, profession, marital status hobbies, a bio & life quote.

UI | UX Design

Mobile Redesign

How do you switch gears from Danzig, Tron and Daft Punk and deliver the tonal opposite as a phone app? Designing a new phone app for Molang is how! Now a show on Netflix! This was an excellent opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and deliver this app in a Kawaii style that is all about inclusiveness, fun & lightheartedness.

UI | UX Design & User Testing

BMW Redesign

Web Design & UX design for all models and trims across the range. New BMW UX Design for new full package offering product desktop, mobile, and tablet pages for BMW in addition to web ads. Modernizing product to a fully responsive digital experience, and forging the connection of luxury & performance.

UI | UX Design

Microsoft Recommends

Today, customers have endless options to choose from when looking for a new device. Technology has improved exponentially over the last few years, and if the customers haven’t kept up with innovation, they’re likely to be overwhelmed by the options. The Microsoft recommends pilot will assist in providing a choice between a few excellent machines, with the consumer secure in the knowledge that they're recommended by Microsoft for Windows 10.

Product Design

Starbucks Hegemonikon

What if you could visualize supply chains, financial flows, inventory, and trouble tickets all in within a Google Earth environment?

Now, with Hegemonikon (Greek for Directing Overmind) we have that chance and possibility to radically change how systems are viewed within Starbucks, with views at 10,000 feet, 1,000 feet and hyper local to give VPs and other customers a holistic view of systems such as financial, ticketing, & supply lines.